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IEdit text editor

IEdit v0.53

This is currently my main PocketViewer project. The aim is to develop an efficient, fully configurable text editor with support for different fonts, encodings, keyboards etc. The editor is now in beta stage.

IEdit+ v0.54 for PV-S1600

The new hardware and OS features of PV-S1600 model allowed to implement a support for 512 kb long text files. Text files can be transferred by standard File Transfer Manager. ZPartner is not needed for this version.

Download IEdit+ v0.54 for PV-S1600 binary and configuration files.
Sources are available by E-Mail request.

Version 0.53

This version is released under GNU General Public License. New in version 0.53:

Download IEdit v0.53 with ZPartner synchronization tool(195 kb)
Download IEdit v0.53 sources(278 kb)

ZPartner by Lerm

ZPartner is a nice Windows tool developed to help you synchronize IEdit memos. It works with the file IEdit.adt, where IEdit stores its big memos. The program allows to import new texts, view and export PV memos, change memos order etc.

ZPartner homepage

Version 0.46

This is a bugfix release. Changes in version 0.46:

Download IEdit v0.46, cyrillic version (39 kb)
Download IEdit v0.46, european version (35 kb)

Version 0.45

New in version 0.45:

Download IEdit v0.45, cyrillic version (37 kb)
Download IEdit v0.45, european version (33 kb)

Version 0.3

Older version without 30k memos capability.
Download IEdit v0.3 (24 kb)