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Programs for Casio Pocket Viewer PDA

IScratch handwriting tool

A program for long handwriting memos

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Download binary for (PV-x50/PV-x60 models): IScratch.zip (11 kB).
Download sources for (PV-x50/PV-x60 models): IScratch_src.zip (10 kB).
Download binary for PV-1600: IScr1600.zip (16 kB).
Download sources for PV-1600: IScr1600_src.zip (13 kB).


IEdit text editor

Fast and convenient text editor for PV.

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Download IEdit v0.53 with ZPartner synchronization tool(195 kb)
Download IEdit v0.53 sources (278 kb)
Download IEdit+ v0.54 for PV-S1600 binary and configuration files.

IEdit v0.53

SameGame classic

This is a classic implementation of SameGame (similar to KDE or Gnome), contrary to the one developed by Casio.

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Download binary for PV-x50/PV-x60 series: SameGame.bin (17 kB).
Download binary for PV-S1600: SameGame.pva (11 kB).
Download SameGame sources (14 kB).


Othello game

Othello (Reversi) is a pupular board game. With this program, you can play against your PV (which is quite hard, if you are not experienced) or with your friend, using PV as a board. You can even watch your computer fighting with itself.

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Download binary for PV-x50/PV-x60 series: othello.bin (19 kB).
Download binary for PV-S1600: othello.pva (14 kB).
Download Othello sources (10 kB).


Periodic table of elements

It is my first add-in application for PocketViewer.

More details...

Download periodic.bin (20 kB).
Download Periodic sources (9 kB).


Cyrillic updates of Casio PV Operating system
I do not support cyrillic patches anymore, since lately several nicer implementations appeared. Please check Pocket-Viewer.ru or SSC localization group site.