Andrey Gennadievich Grozin

Curriculum vitae

List of publications

You can view the table of contents and download all programs from my book Using REDUCE in high energy physics published by Cambridge University Press

gzipped PostScript of my D. Sc. thesis.

A REDUCE package Grinder for calculation of three-loop propagator diagrams in HQET.

A REDUCE package for calculation of two-loop on-shell integrals with two masses.

A REDUCE package for calculation of one-loop vertex integrals in HQET.

A popular paper on special relativity (in Russian).

I participate in the GNU TeXmacs project: I work on internationalization and interfaces to computer algebra systems.

Greyboard - shared blackboard written in tcl (GPLed).

ccp - copy files with recoding (GPLed).

Files for spell-checking Russian with aspell

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