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    Here I'll try to tell you about me.

    I had graduated Novosibirsk ElectroTechnical Institute (NETI), that is now Novosibirsk State Technical University  (NSTU) , in 1976 and I have been working at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP). As most of my colleges I have passed the following stages: a student, an engineer, a senior engineer, a researcher. Now I'm a senior researcher.
    It was produced above hundred papers, talks and etc. during this time. I have got my Ph.D. grade at 1991. Thesis of candidate of science "Design of hardware and software for distributed control systems of electrophysical installations".
    My major interest is designing of analog-to-digital, digital and microprocessor devices. These devices was designed for CAMAC bus, VME bus and etc. My main designs includes the following:
        - set of digital oscilloscopes;
        - a pulse signal amplitude meter;
        - CAMAC crate controller and serial driver for it;
        - a number of digital devices in VME;
        - set of  microprocessor devices for chromatograph;
        - and other devices.
    Last years I'm designing mostly embedded microcontroler devices (ADC, DAC and so on) for automation with CANbus interface. This millenium designs are described here.
    My minor interest (it is rather hobby) is programming. This hobby was began by necessity to test memory in my first digital oscilloscope. Later I met shortage of computer resources and was forced to make some system software for our homemade computer- ODRENOK. There are written the following products:
        - text editor;
        - text processor;
        - set of utilities for reading from hardware some graphics and printing it (and text too);
        - file and network shell for our OS;
        - bootstraps;
        - a number of tests and program for special purpose.
    And my hobby, not interest: making handbooks. Russian producers don't like to publish any parameters for components. Official handbooks includes data mostly for obsolete components and were very inconvenient. I like to work more comfortable and I used to collect data distributed in russian technical publications and printed it in more convenient form. My colleges liked it. Now I'm trying to recover this data and to public it on my site.

This project was started at 1999 and is going on.

Victor Kozak, Novosibirsk, 20-may-2014.
email: kozak@inp.nsk.su
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